Gardening Program

We are so excited to start our Little Growers program with Little Garden Growers. The Little Growers 6 Visit Program will include fortnightly visits spread over 1 season.

Our seasonal programs have been developed to entertain, educate, and engage little minds as they learn about the wonderful outdoor world around them and become confident little growers, respectfully connecting with nature and its changing cycles.

Growing Tree will be taking part in The Magical Garden Creatures Show & Sunflower Planting Workshop, the children will be able to part take in:

  • 5 extra gardening workshop visits- includes wheelbarrow relay wheelbarrow licence for each child.
  • worm farm activity and Wilbur Worm puppet
  • Camilla Caterpillar and Bella Butterfly puppets teach about the life cycle of a butterfly. 
  • weeds and watering can test- weeding where necessary, staking and or net covering to protect crops.
  • watering can licence for each child.
  • Graduation with certificates
  • Little Growers Garden Journal

This program is included in the centre fees here at GrowingTree Early Education. For more information, please click here: Little Garden Growers – Environmental education for kids