Programming The Rose Way

All of our programming, documentation, planning and reflection is based on “The ROSE Way” and the Early Years Learning Framework.

This may be different from how you’ve experienced programming within other services.


The ROSE way sees Educators as the Researchers of children’s play. We view children as capable and competent learners and our role is to support each child to develop to their fullest potential. The ROSE way is not a recipe or activity-based planning rather a well-considered action based research planning structure that will inspire quality. The ROSE way believes that when children are treated with respect and given opportunities to be involved in decision making about their daily experiences and learning, they are then confident in demonstrating their true competencies.

What does this mean- An Inquiry Focus

Each Term the Educators will develop a Research focus question. This question will be used in all environments as the basis of our term's learning. This inquiry question will be the lens in which we view all children’s play and interactions and be the catalyst for intentional teaching strategies and approach within the environment. We view children as a contributing, valuable members within a community of learners- so we choose to document the learning of each community rather than just of that of the individual. As a caregiver we will invite you to give us feedback and share ideas/stories in response to our Inquiry question. This will help us hone our research focus, give us information to plan and respond to your children in authentic and meaningful ways.

the EYLF framework

What to Expect- Weekly Learning thread and Daily photos

Each day your Educators will post a series of beautiful photographs of the children engaged in play and learning experiences. These will be put up onto our digital platform. There will not be any writing with this post, rather it’s a chance for you to get a quick insight into your child’s day. We encourage you to get daily feedback about your child’s day though face to face conversations at pickup and drop off.

At the end of each week each class will produce a weekly learning feed to go up into Kindyhub. The learning thread will share photos, children’s voices, educator thinking, questions, further planning and reflection with families.

Sharing with Parents

We share Children’s and Educators Learning, with families in a number of ways;

  • Daily photo feeds on Kindyhub
  • Face to Face meaningful and authentic conversations with parents at pickup and drop off.
  • Documentation displays outside and inside of class of learners work “in progress”
  • End of the week online learning thread.
  • Learning Journey books (Captured story) at the end of the 10 week Term.
  • Individual summative assessments (May and November)
  • If you have any questions or want to find out more information please come and chat with your centre director or educators.

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